Finding an Affordable Laser Engraver

Laser machines can be used to create practically anything. They are great for personalizing, unique designs, etching and so much more. A laser cutter can cut, engrave, emboss and image most any material with ease. Machines are available for both hobby and commercial use.

Hobby Use

For small business owners who have mostly personalized orders, a laser engraver is probably something they’ve only dreamed of acquiring. The good news is, an affordable laser engraver does exist. They can be found for under $4,000 and are capable of performing just as well as the bigger more expensive machines. They will turn a DIYer’s life upside down and make things happen that they’ve only heard of. If someone is looking to further their custom business they shouldn’t hesitate to look into laser engravers. They will find them to be much more affordable than they thought.

Materials and Usage

Laser engravers can cut a variety of materials such as wood, metal and leather. They are able to cut or engrave intricate designs into the material to make them truly unique pieces. The laser works by causing the material it is engraving to melt so the design can take shape. The type of machine to purchase will depend on the type of material it will be cutting. There are some machines that can perform cutting and engraving on all popular materials but will cost more because of their versatility.


Most laser engraving machines come with the software needed. It’s important to check out the specs before purchasing to make sure it will work with your current computer set up. Some design programs might need to be purchased to work with the laser engraver.


After the laser engraver has been decided on, check on the support that will be available after the purchase has been made. It can be overwhelming and confusing if someone is new to using an engraver. Support should be available for the life of the machine. Some companies will allow a trial period or will provide a money back guarantee if the customer is not completely satisfied with the machine’s performance. All of these factors should play a part in choosing a machine that will fit business needs.