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Why You Should Consider Organic Farming

Organic farming entails rearing animals and cultivating the land without the use of any chemicals whatsoever. To maintain soil fertility, this method involves the use of biological material hence minimizing pollution or any wastage. Pesticides, herbicides or inorganic fertilizers are not used to grow any foods in organic farms. Genetically modified organisms are not allowed in this type of farming. Additionally, organisms that are genetically modified are not allowed on these farms. It relies on agricultural principles such as crop rotation, green manure, mineral additives and organic waste. Only naturally occurring additives are used in the soil. The population of people on the earth has been increasing rapidly which has become a challenge in feeding all these people. As a result, people have started growing food using chemicals that make plants grown twice faster to meet the demand of the population. Despite the choices we make for our diets, organic foods are the best and here is why you should embrace them:

Organic foods contain large amounts of nutrients such as vitamins. This is because organic farms are maintained at a certain level. Several studies have been conducted to establish the differences between organic and conventional grown foods. More vitamins and minerals were found to be in the organically grown foods. Vitamin C was found in very large amounts in the organic foods as opposed to the conventionally grown foods. Food that has been grown organically tastes better as it has the natural sweetness. Commercially grown foods have metallic tastes as they have been sprayed with harmful chemicals to make them grow faster. Organic foods, quality is prioritized over quantity.

Diversity of agriculture can be maintained through organic farming methods. In the current days, it has become common to hear that certain plants have become extinct which should be alarming. In the previous century we saw over 75% of rare plants get destroyed. For example, there were many varieties of potatoes a few years ago but now, there is only one common type. This is a dangerous situation as it means pests have been destroying the remaining few species of potatoes which would mean that the world would run out of organic potatoes at some point in the future.

Direct purchase of farm products from a farmer is a good way to promote organic farming. The government has been showing a lot of support to the commercial farmer by giving them tax cuts and other incentives. Commercially produced foods which are mostly genetically modified foods have led to an increase of diseases such as cancer and diabetes. The government needs to involve itself in the production of organic foods to eradicate the effects of commercially grown food. The future generation needs to be preserved by making organic foods more available to avoid cases of certain illnesses.

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